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  1. How can i get the absolute url of route with symfony. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. Active 3 months ago. Viewed 12k times 11. 1. I am using symfony and I want to get the url of a specific route, my route is like this . project_sign_in: pattern: /signin defaults: { _controller: ProjectContactBundle:User:signIn } i want to generate the url from this route so i can get . localhost/app.
  2. Call the second one uploads_base_url and set this to almost the same thing: Absolute URLs. Thanks to our setup, we can now solve a really annoying problem. Inspect element on the image: notice that both the href and the image src paths do not contain the domain name. That's not a problem at all in a normal web context. But if you ever try to render a page into a PDF with something like.
  3. Pass a third optional // argument to generate different URLs (e.g. an absolute URL) $signUpPage = $this-> router-> generate ('sign_up', [], UrlGeneratorInterface:: ABSOLUTE_URL); // when a route is localized, Symfony uses by default the current request locale // pass a different '_locale' value if you want to set the locale explicitly $signUpPageInDutch = $this-> router-> generate ('sign_up', ['_locale' => 'nl']); //.
  4. dans cette arborescence entre la page dans laquelle on l'écrit (la page courante) et la ressource qu'elle cible, soit le che
  5. The two built-in strategies are the Symfony\Component\Asset\VersionStrategy\EmptyVersionStrategy the PathPackage will prepend the current request base URL. So, for example, if your entire site is hosted under the /somewhere directory of your web server root directory and the configured base path is /static/images, all paths will be prefixed with /somewhere/static/images. Absolute Assets.

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  1. If you generate a URL of a secured route, and if the current scheme is HTTP, Symfony will automatically generate an absolute URL with HTTPS (including domain https://domain.com/secure-route). Note: now that HTTPS is enabled and available, the old HTTP (insecure) routes won't be available anymore because you're forcing the encryption, symfony will redirect the HTTP URLs to their HTTPS equivalent
  2. La génération des urls sous Symfony2 se déroule via la méthode generateUrl() de la classe Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller. Cette fonction doit prendre un paramètre obligatoire - le premier qui indique le nom de la route à générer. Les deux paramètres suivants sont facultatifs. Le premier parmi eux indique les attributs de l'url (par exemple le numéro de la page.
  3. Generating absolute (and relative) URLs for a given path is a common need in lots of applications. In Twig templates this is trivial thanks to the absolute_url() and relative_path() functions (don't mistake them for the path() and url() functions that generate URLs using route names). In Symfony 4.3 we've extracted the internal logic used by the Twig functions into a new class called Symfony.
  4. Twig Extensions Defined by Symfony¶. Twig is the template engine used in Symfony applications. There are tens of default filters and functions defined by Twig, but Symfony also defines some filters, functions and tags to integrate the various Symfony components with Twig templates.This article explains them all
  5. Run Symfony behind a trusted reverse proxy (set framework: trust_proxy_headers: true in config.yml). Have the proxy strip off HTTPS encryption but insert X-Forwarded-Proto: https into requests. Requests then reach Symfony via port 80. Now in a Twig template, generate an absolute URL using the url(...) template function. Observed result

The first one (url()) is tied to the routing and gives the possibility to connect URLs with your code (controllers). When asking for an absolute URL, the router uses the Routing context to determine which host to use for instance. The second one (absolute_url()) is tied to the generation of URLs for assets, or anything not related to your code. I think the new version is infinitely better. Given there are more than 2 reference types (absolute url, absolute path, relative path and network path), using boolean values don't make any sense here. I fail to see how it can be much worse. Apart from the fact that you need to type/know the FQCN. However, FQCN can be autocompleted (which is why. alexander-schranz wants to merge 3 commits into symfony: 2.7 from alexander-schranz: bugfix/absolute-url Closed Fixed absolute url generation for query strings and hash urls #2326

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Documentation officielle de Symfony : apprendre comment faire pour retourner un template sans contrôleur personnalis Why GitHub? Features →. Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Securit Twig - The flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PH Symfony Components Integration Access to the absolute_url() and relative_path() Twig functions. Translations Support ¶ If you are using the TranslationServiceProvider, you will get the trans() and transchoice() functions for translation in Twig templates. You can find more information in the Symfony Translation documentation. Form Support¶ If you are using the FormServiceProvider, you.

Apprendre le HTML : URL absolue et URL relative

This article explains how to generate PDF files in Symfony with KnpSnappyBundle and the underlying wkhtmltopdf library and will tackle the following subjects: Install KnpSnappyBundle and wkhtmltopdf with Composer Create a specific Twig layout template for the generated PDF files Use of absolute URLs for all assets Add the app . Menu Close. Home; Subscribe. Menu. Michaël Perrin Sustainable web. Je ne comprend pas trop pourquoi on utiliserai kernel.project_dir , je génère mon URL avec symfony, la je l'ai mis dur pour le test,si non c'est symfony qui va gérer la génération de l'URL. J'ai chercher du côté de kernel.project_dir pour l'utiliser, mais a ce que je vois ca renvoi juste le dossier du projet, hors moi je souhaite récupérer les informations de l'url, je n'ai pas. Silex - The PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony Components. Silex. The PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony Components DOCUMENTATION; DOWNLOAD; DEVELOPMENT; As of June 2018, Silex is not maintained anymore. Use Symfony 4+ instead. Read more on Symfony's blog. You are reading the documentation for Silex 2.0. Switch to the documentation for Silex.

J'utilise le knp-snappy-bundle pour générer des fichiers PDF à partir de brindilles. Mais mes fichiers CSS ne se chargent pas. Je l'ai essayé avec static url, avec absolute url et avec seulement asset url, notant des œuvres, mais ce sont les css files normale que j'utilise également lorsque l'affichage par exemple dans ma forme d'édition. Voici les trois options que j'ai essayé dans. I want to generate an absolute URL with a specific scheme (https) in a Symfony2 controller. All the solutions I found point me to configure the targeted route so that it requires that scheme.But I need the route to remain accessible in http, so I can't set it to require https (in which case http requests are redirected to the corresponding https URL) Généralement depuis Symfony 2.7 vous pouvez utiliser absolute_url() avec affirme et chemin d'accès relatif aussi (par rapport à web/dossier racine). C'est la façon dont vous pourriez les utiliser pour définir le chemin absolu de l'image dans le bundle et en web principal dossier: [app/src/UserBundle/Resources/public/img/image.jpg

urlgeneratorinterface interface url generator classes must implement (within symphony). , absolute_url constant trivially used in parameters point method generate absolute url Get link Faceboo Otherwise Symfony will generate an absolute URL with a local hostname, which will be inaccessible. Time to begin implementing our verification call flow. First, generate a new controller by. How to include CSS file in Symfony 2 and Twig? How to get current absolute url in twig without rendering route? Symfony2/Twig dealing with getting URL query string values ; In TWIG, is possible to get absolute url of a link with twig variables in it Routing (Symfony Docs), This means that if you generate absolute URLs within a console comma config/services.yaml parameters: router.request_context.host: 'example.org' How to Create a SOAP Web Service in a Symfony Controller¶ Setting up a controller to act as a SOAP server is aided by a couple tools. Those tools expect you to have the PHP SOAP extension installed. As the PHP SOAP extension. Symfony is not the most popular or loved PHP framework, but it's arguably the most mature, flexible, and reliable. Since its initial release, Symfony has evolved into a set of loosely-coupled, high-quality components that can be chosen individually or combined to create powerful applications, without the compromise of bloat or huge runtime overhead

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symfony - recuperer - twig url courante. Cette solution ne nécessite pas l'ajout de variable ou de paramètre sur config et est la même fonction que celle utilisée par Twig pour { { absolute_url () }} La méthode app.request.uriForPath () donne une URL absolue à partir d'un chemin Scroll Down. Generating PDF files with Symfony 17 February 2016 on Symfony, Twig, PDF, KnpSnappyBundle, wkhtmltopdf. This article explains how to generate PDF files in Symfony with KnpSnappyBundle and the underlying wkhtmltopdf library and will tackle the following subjects:. Install KnpSnappyBundle and wkhtmltopdf with Composer; Create a specific Twig layout template for the generated PDF file Extension for Visual Studio Code - Over 80 Symfony Code Snippets for PhP code And Over 80 Twig Code Snippets. Just type the letters 'sf' to get a list of all available Symfony Code Snippets. For Twig Just Type the Tag name and you will get AutoCompletion Symfony-générer une url avec un paramètre dans le contrôleur je veux générer une Url directement dans mon contrôleur. Je veux utilisateur une url définie dans mon routage.fichier yml qui a besoin d'un paramètre

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Bonjour, Je suis en train d'écrire une commande qui sera exécutée via un cron. J'aimerais pouvoir envoyer un mail depuis cette commande mais je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre Here it is: every object in S3 has its own, public URL. Well actually, every object has a URL, but whether or not anyone can access that URL is another story. More on that later. I'm going to copy the very beginning of that, and then go open services.yaml. Earlier, we created a parameter called uploads_base_url [Symfony 4] Email de validation de compte × Après avoir cliqué sur Répondre vous serez invité à vous connecter pour que votre message soit publié. × Attention, ce sujet est très ancien

How to force access via HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) in Symfony 3

Comment générer un url absolu sous Symfony2 ? / Symfony

  1. The HttpKernel is the heart of Symfony, it takes a Request as input and returns a Response as output. request_context: The request context is a simplified representation of the request that is used by the router and the URL generator. exception_handler: The Exception handler is the default handler that is used when you don't register one via the error() method or if your handler does not.
  2. Symfony 4 : Gestion utilisateurs sans FOSUserBundle v2018 : Chapitre 3 Dans ce chapitre nous allons voir comment s'enregistrer et récupérer son mot de passe lors d'un oubli. On va commencer par l'inscription mais ça va être très simple car on va se baser sur ce que l'on a déjà fait
  3. Attention : cet article traite spécifiquement de la procédure de réinitialisation de mot de passe, il conviendrait d'ajouter des sécurités complémentaires comme une question de sécurité, par exemple.. Activation du compte de l'utilisateur. Il y a plusieurs façons de procéder à l'activation du compte par l'utilisateur. Nous allons utiliser un token généré aléatoirement
  4. pour toute route dans RouteCollection en fonction des paramètres transmis. Méthodes . __construct ( RouteCollection $ routes, contexte RequestContext $, LoggerInterface $ logger = null) setContext (contexte setContext $) Définit le contexte de la requête. RequestContext: getContext Obtient le contexte.
  5. Sauf que la méthode redirectToRoute, comme son nom l'indique sert à faire une redirection, ce qui est totalement hors-contexte étant donné ce qu'attend la méthode getLoginUrl. Il est possible de générer des url absolues avec la méthode generateUrl:. Generating Absolute URLs By default, the router will generate relative URLs (e.g. /blog).From a controller, pass UrlGeneratorInterface.

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Petite astuce, supprime tout les fichiers, affiche la page qui plante et tu auras un seul fichier de log, qui commenceras par les routes qu'il a connecté (vérifie déjà que tout marche bien à ce niveau), puis la route que symfony à voulu utilisé pour parser ton url Automated lone worker systems are imperative for companies that have employees tasked with working in high-risk environments by themselves.In fact, the employer holds a duty of care to ensure that these employees are safe while they work. Lone worker systems can take many forms How to use absolute path in twig functions (5) . Daniel's answer seems to work fine for now, but please note that generating absolute urls using twig's asset function is now deprecated:. DEPRECATED - Generating absolute URLs with the Twig asset() function was deprecated in 2.7 and will be removed in 3.0 UrlGeneratorInterface is the interface that all URL generator classes must implement. The constants in this interface define the different types of resource.

Par exemple, si je m'inscris sur un site et que je vois dans une url que mon compte utilisateur à l'ID 100, je sais qu'il n'y a que 100 utilisateurs inscrits sur ce site, si je passe une commande et qu'elle a l'identifiant 30, je sais qu'il n'y a eu que 30 commandes et je peux ensuite déduire le nombre de commandes moyen par utilisateur. Autant d'informations sensibles. Here's the idea: we can't just start streaming the response or echo'ing content right now inside the controller: Symfony's just not ready for that yet, it has more work to do, more headers to set, etc. That's why we normally create a Response object and later, when it's ready, Symfony echo's the response's content for us.. With a StreamedResponse, when Symfony is ready to finally send the data.

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Generates a URL for a location, from the given parameters. It is possible to directly pass a Location object as the route name, as the ChainRouter allows it through ChainedRouterInterface

Absolute HTTPS URLs incorrect in Twig when behind trusted

  1. Commentaires Intégrer Elasticsearch 6 dans votre application Symfony 4. Depuis l'article du même nom écrit en 2013, beaucoup de choses ont bougé dans l'écosystème, aussi bien côté Elasticsearch que Symfony.. Aujourd'hui Elasticsearch est très utilisé en stockage de log, monitoring et analyses statistiques, et toujours bien sûr en outil de recherche full-text
  2. Route de recherche dans symfony 2 J'ai défini un itinéraire dans mon application fichier de routage: RouteName : pattern : /some/ route defaults : { _controller : MyAppBundle : Controller : action
  3. Lisez notre article sur JEditable et formulaire Symfony 1.2. Comment intégrer un plugin jQuery dans un projet Symfony 1.2 ? La réponse à cette question ne pouvant pas tenir dans le modeste blog de Lexik.fr, je vais seulement vous expliquer comment intégrer la modification d'un champ « INPUT » en ajax dans un formulaire Symfony 1.2, à l'aide du plugin jQuery JEditable
  4. Symfony - Generating absolute urls Generating absolute urls (including hostname and scheme (http / https) is super useful for including full urls in templates or email content (eg. when you want to pass on an address to someone which is getting your emails!
  5. symfony - absolute_url - How to get current absolute url in twig without rendering route? twig absolute_url (3) As it was said above, some of the answers are not valid anymore. What worked for me as of 2017'09 is this {{url ('<current>')}} In twig I need to get the current full uri (url + uri ) without render it it like . path ('route_test', {param1: 1}) How to get it ? In latest version of.

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Symfony is not the most popular or loved PHP framework, but it's arguably the most mature, flexible, and reliable. Since its initial release, Symfony has evolved into a set of loosely-coupled, high-quality components that can be chosen individually or combined to create powerful applications, without the compromise of bloat or huge runtime overhead eZ Publish / Platform; EZP-25408; Absolute URLs fail to generate in Symfony 2.8. Log In. Expor The absolute beginner's guide to DDD with Symfony DDD is one of the most effective ways to address business problems, but it can be overwhelming to get started with. Even armed with the theory, beginning the journey is mysterious and finding answers to specific implementation details can be tough and scary I have coded a function which converts relative URL to absolute URL for a project of mine. Considering I could not find it elsewhere, I figured I would post it here. The following function takes in 2 parameters, the first parameter is the URL you want to convert from relative to absolute, and the second parameter is a sample of the absolute URL. Currently it does not resolve '../' in the URL. symfony; I'm getting an absolute path in $_SERVER['PHP_SELF '] 0 . 0 . 0 . I'm struggling with Nginx. Currently we are migrating a legacy platform into Symfony and it's working great so far. The approach is to register all the legacy PHP's as routes and load them in a custom controller (there was not a front controller). It's working great, I've struggled a lot to get an Nginx.

If we implement a controller action that renders an initial TwiML document, passing its absolute URL as the third parameter, Twilio will know how to continue the call once the user picks up. Important: Remember to use the ngrok URL we generated earlier when testing the Twilio integration. Otherwise Symfony will generate an absolute URL with a local hostname, which will be inaccessible. Time to. Also, Symfony2 doesn't natively support the generic routes that symfony 1 does (shown below for reference). default_index: url: /:module param: { action: index } default: url: /:module/:action/* Without these generic routes, you can't simply access /myModule/myAction without actually defining a route for it. And don't forget that Symfony2 now. 9.3.5. Using Absolute Paths. The link and asset helpers generate relative paths by default. To force the output to absolute paths, set the absolute option to true, as shown in Listing 9-14. This technique is useful for inclusions of links in an e-mail message, RSS feed, or API response. Listing 9-14 - Getting Absolute URLs Instead of Relative URLs php-symfony-routing 3.4.6+dfsg-1 / usr / share / php / Symfony / Component / Routing / Generator / UrlGenerator.php This file is indexed . This file is owned by root:root , with mode 0o644

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8 réflexions au sujet de « Liens inter-applications avec Symfony 1.2 » NiKo 11 novembre 2008 à 10 h 44 min. En fait je te conseillerai plutôt de ne développer que des plugins, avec des modules de back ou de front que tu n'actives alors que pour tes applications, si tu en as plusieurs. Ça permet notamment une meilleure réutilisation éventuelle de code 在控制器中,很简单的把generateUrl()方法的第三参数设置成UrlGeneratorInterface::ABSOLUTE_URL即可。 use Symfony\Component\Routing\Generator\UrlGeneratorInterface; $this->generateUrl('blog_show', array('slug' => 'my-blog-post'), UrlGeneratorInterface::ABSOLUTE_URL); // http://www.example.com/blog/my-blog-pos This outputs an absolute URL for the given route. Add a {{ path() }} Twig function, similar to Symfony's. This outputs a relative URL for the given route. This will ensure people learn the correct way (routes) to create URLs for pages and Symfony people will already know how to do it. Fix a bug in the CLI test runner and makes the URL generator logic more robust in case someone sets an empty. Note: the host that's used when generating an absolute URL is automatically detected using the current Request object. When generating absolute URLs from outside the web context (for instance in a console command) this doesn't work. See How to Generate URLs from the Console to learn how to solve this problem Liste de paramètres. filename. Si filename est de la forme protocole://, filename est supposé être une URL, et PHP va rechercher un gestionnaire de protocole adapté pour lire ce fichier. Si aucun gestionnaire pour ce protocole n'est disponible, PHP va émettre une alerte qui vous permettra de savoir que vous avez des problèmes dans votre script, et il tentera d'exploiter filename comme.

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  1. Your Symfony installation is available on URL http://localhost:8000. Laravel Installation The Laravel installation process is almost the same and as simple as that for Symfony; the only difference is that you install Laravel's installer through Composer
  2. istrator can see the users list
  3. Generating PDF files with Symfony. This article explains how to generate PDF files in Symfony with KnpSnappyBundle and the underlying wkhtmltopdf library and will tackle the following subjects: Install KnpSnappyBundle and wkhtmltopdf with Composer; Create a specific Twig layout template for the generated PDF files; Use of absolute URLs for all assets; Add the app host to /etc/hosts for your.
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Les URL absolues sont des adresses URL complètes, incluant le protocole de serveur (qui est généralement http:// pour les pages Web). Par exemple, http://www.macromedia.com/fr/support est l'URL absolue de la page Web du Centre d'assistance de Macromedia Fireworks. Les URL absolues restent précises, quel que soit l'emplacement du document source, mais le lien est rompu si le document cible est déplacé Ein Passwort wird Ihnen per Email zugeschickt. Montag, Juni 1, 202 Attention, cet article est obsolète et ce tuto est rédigé pour Symfony 2, je te conseille d'utiliser maintenant ckeditor-bundle.. CKEditor est un éditeur WIZIWIG(What you see is what you get).Il est facilement personnalisable et de nombreux plugins sont disponibles

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9.0.x vendor/symfony/routing/Generator/UrlGeneratorInterface.php; 9.1.x vendor/symfony/routing/Generator/UrlGeneratorInterface.php; 9.2.x vendor/symfony/routing. Ce service gratuit de Google traduit instantanément des mots, des expressions et des pages Web du français vers plus de 100 autres langues 拥有灵活性是更加重要的。你把页面的URL从 /blog 改为 /news 时需要做些什么?你需要追踪并更新多少链接,才能做出这种改变?如果你使用Symfony的路由,改变起来很容易。 Symfony路由器允许你定义创造性的url,再将其映射到程序不同区域。读完本文,你可以做到 Twig provides a number of handy functions that can be used directly within Templates. List of Twig Functions Drupal core adds a handful of custom functions that are Drupal specific. These are defined in the TwigExtension class. You can also define your own custom Twig functions in a custom module (but not in a theme). To find an example for how to do this, see this example in core/modules.

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use Symfony\Component\Serializer\Annotation\Groups; Modifier les annotations des attributs de l'entité Genre, ajouter dans les annotations des attributs id et nom /** * @Groups({list_genres_simple}) */ Modifier la sérialisation des données dans le contrôleu Awesome Symfony. A curated list of useful Symfony snippets. Contributions are highly encouraged and very welcome :) Table of Contents. Configuration. Assets; Directories, Paths. Get the Project Root Directory; Email Errors. Email Logs Related to 5xx Errors (action_level: critical) Email Logs Related to 4xx Errors (action_level: error An absolute path where to store the compiled templates, or false to disable caching html, js, css, url, html_attr, or a PHP callback that takes the template filename and returns the escaping strategy to use - the callback cannot be a function name to avoid collision with built-in escaping strategies); set it to false to disable auto-escaping. The name escaping strategy determines. Je suis en train de réaliser une application Web avec synfony 4.2.5. La seule chose qui ne fonctionne pas en production c est l'envoie d'un fichier PDF par email avec swiftmailer. En développement tout se pass

je développe une application symfony 4. inscription, connexion, mot de passe oubliée. J'ai réussis à tout faire fonctionner mais, hey oui sinon je ne serais pas la j'ai utilisé ce tuto pour mettre en plac As the job controller is executed via a cronjob, you must configure an absolute path to the theme files. Don't add a slash behind the router.request_context.base_url setting if your Symfony ./public/ directory is located directly at the document root of your virtual host! This causes links whose paths begin with two slashes (//) and Symfony doesn't reduce them to one, so the links won't. Beautiful URLs are an absolute must for any serious web application. This means leaving behind ugly URLs like index.php?article_id=57 in favor of something like /read/intro-to-symfony. Having flexibility is even more important. What if you need to change the URL of a page from /blog to /news? How many links should you need to hunt down and.

Caveat: This is before URL rewrites (i.e. it's as per the original call URL). * *: I've seen at least one situation where this is not true (there was another $_SERVER variable to use instead supplied by the URL rewriter), but the author of the URL rewriter later fixed it so probably fair to dismiss this particular note 如同 前文 所述,控制器(controller)负责处理每一个进入symfony程序的请求,通常以输出模板来生成响应内容作为结束。. 现实中,控制器把大部分的繁重工作都委托给了其他地方,以令代码能够被测试和复用。当一个controller需要生成HTML、CSS或者其他内容时,它把这些工作给了一个模板引擎 [ExternalUrlException] Codeception\Module\Symfony can't open external URL hot 3 Code Coverage not working with Symfony module's runSymfonyConsoleCommand - Codeception hot 3 It is not possible to load global bootstrap file by absolute path hot Symfony 3 [Quiz 1] [Pile 3] Paramétrage, Contrôleurs, Routes, URL, Vues, Templates dans le FrameWork Symfony 3. Toutes les carte

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If not set, will default to MercureBundle's default hub URL. hub_url: null messenger: # Enabled by default with installed symfony/messenger and not installed symfony/symfony enabled: false elasticsearch: # To enable or disable Elasticsearch support. enabled: false # The hosts to the Elasticsearch nodes. hosts: [] # The mapping between resource classes and indexes. mapping: [] # The list of. Title: Symfony book 2 7, Author: nesto, Name: Symfony book 2 7, Length: 234 pages, Page: 69, Published: 2016-01-06 . Issuu company logo. Close. Try. Features Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics.

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