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Yiliang Peter Doublelift Peng (Hanzi: 彭亦亮) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously bot laner for TSM. Over his career with Counter Logic Gaming, TSM, and Team Liquid, he was not only considered one of the best North American bot laners but one of the most well-known North American players TSM était l'une des nombreuses équipes à se renseigner sur Doublelift après que Liquid ait mis en place le contrat du joueur pour le commerce suite à une scission moins que brillante. Après avoir eu toutes les options sur la table, le MVP de la finale du printemps 2019 a choisi de retourner dans son ancienne équipe et de rejoindre Søren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg

Doublelift. Has. Returned. And we welcome DL with open arms as he comes home, and rejoins TSM. One of the most iconic AD carries in League of Legends, Doub.. D'après ESPN Esports, Team Liquid aurait trouvé un accord avec la structure Team SoloMid concernant le rachat du contrat de Doublelift ; si l'information vient à se confirmer, cela marquerait donc le retour du compétiteur américain au sein de son ancienne équipe, organisation qu'il avait définitivement quittée en novembre 2017, juste pour rejoindre Team Liquid C'est maintenant officiel, Doublelift quitte Team Liquid pour Team SoloMid, écartant ainsi Kobbe de l'équipe. Le 16 avril dernier, Travis Gafford nous informait que le contrat du carry AD de la formation Team Liquid serait apparemment en vente qu'il pourrait être échangé pendant l'intersaison, juste avant le début de la saison estivale TSM officially part ways with Yilliang Doublelift Peng after a disappointing 0-6 Worlds finish in Group C. It is not yet known who will come in to replace him. TSM make this roster move in an attempt to find success internationally as well and not just domestically everyone else is Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f

Apparel and accessories from the one and only TSM. Apparel and accessories from the one and only TSM. Currency. Search Log in. Home Apparel All Products. T-Shirts. Outerwear. Pants. Hats & Beanies. Accessories. Collections Pro. Bjergsen. Myth. Daequan. Hamlinz. Beaulo. Kraftyy. Doublelift is retiring at a bittersweet point in his career. The player recently returned to the 2020 World Championship, where TSM had the worst performance from a first-seed team ever recorded. Not everything is bad though, Doublelift has won eight out of the past 11 splits in the LCS, including four consecutive titles at Team Liquid

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  1. With the TSM crew now back in the NA region after their disappointing 0-6 performance at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, Yiliang Doublelift Peng has spilled the details on what happened to them at Worlds. Upon their arrival in Shanghai, the team initially found success in their first week of scrimmages
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/doublelift Stay safe gamers Edited by NiceTryIan https://youtube.com/shotsoflol https://twitter.com/nicetryianlol Music Provided by.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/doublelift Amazing hard carrying games with ---(TSM)--- Biofrost. (He is TSM support player btw) Featuring Vincent Biofrost Wang..
  4. Un premier très gros transfert de l'intersaison a été révélé dans la nuit

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With Doublelift's return, we look forward to carrying over our successes into the Summer Split and make our strongest showing yet. I'm really excited to be playing again on TSM, and feel reinvigorated from this break. After last season's Worlds, I was overwhelmed by the weight of my massive underperformance when it mattered most. Coming. Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers

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Doublelift then claims he told TSM he was not onboard with the plan to sign Palette, something that the organisation did not like one bit. As well as offering more insight into his retirement, Doublelift also reveals that he was offered the opportunity to join arguably the most decorated and storied organisations in League of Legends esports: T1. The AD carry says that Bok 'Reapered. Doublelift started out 2020 on Team Liquid but ended the year and his career with TSM. Doublelift played for Team Liquid for over two years, winning four LCS trophies in a row. His time on TSM adds up to over two years as well in total. Why did Doublelift rejoin TSM? Doublelift joined TSM for the second time after his worst split at Team Liquid. Doublelift looked burned out during the 2020 LCS Spring Split, which ultimately got him benched for a short period of time. The team ended up in.

TSM make this roster move in an attempt to find success internationally as well and not just domestically. Andy Reginald Dinh, the co-owner of TSM, said he decided to kick Doublelift the moment he saw him smile after going winless at Worlds 2020 because it showed a clear lack of any competitive drive. It has become clear that. Team SoloMid (TSM) est une organisation américaine de sport électronique notamment connue pour son équipe de League of Legends. Elle a été créée en septembre 2009 par Andy Reginald Dinh. Histoire. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Votre aide est la bienvenue ! Comment faire ? Divisions actuelles Apex Legends. Le 6 mars 2019, Team SoloMid recrute sa.

r/doublelift: meme city xd. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu . Welcome to /r/Doublelift r/ doublelift. Join. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 371. pinned by moderators. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Upvote so Doublelift can see. 371. 3 comments. share. save. Doublelift faisait partie de la multiple équipe TSM vainqueur du championnat qui a dominé la scène il y a quelques années. Il rejoindra Søren Bjergsen Bjerg et Vincent Biofrost Wang dans l'équipe, avec qui il a joué auparavant sous la même bannière Si Doublelift est en effet de retour au TSM, il sera à nouveau réuni avec ses anciens coéquipiers de Mid Laner Søren « Bjergsen » Bjerg et Support Vincent « Biofrost » Wang. Le trio faisait partie intégrante de la remarquable 17e place de TSM à la 1re place lors du championnat d'été des LCS NA 2016 et des championnats d'été suivants. En tant que membre de TSM, Doublelift a.

For the 2016 season, Doublelift made the decision to move to TSM, leaving CLG after four years. Despite a strong showing at IEM Katowice with the roster, TSM would go on to struggle during the Spring split and finished in sixth place during the regular season. In the playoffs however, they recovered in convincing fashion, defeating Cloud9 (3-1) and Immortals (3-0) but fell to CLG in the finals Doublelift sur son arrivé chez TSM (Traduction - Source) Rejoindre TSM sera un nouveau chapitre de ma vie, un dont je suis fier et impatient de faire partie. J'espère gagner le respect des fans.

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When Doublelift rejoins TSM for the Summer split, there are two key ways he will provide an upgrade over Kobbe: his play in lane, and his voice in team communications. It's been a few years, but Doublelift and Biofrost have played together in the past very successfully, and did so by focusing on their 2v2 laning and making themselves a pressure point in the early game. Kobbe is a. As Doublelift announced his departure from TSM, he was quickly snapped up by Team Liquid, a team Doublelift had been well acquainted with, having saved them from relegation not too long before. With Liquid in 2018, while his team has yet to achieve results as TSM did in 2016 and 2017, they managed to place within the top four, tied with TSM, which was no easy feat Today, we are thrilled to announce that the legendary Doublelift will once again officially be a part of TSM! Reuniting with his former teammates, Søren Bjergsen Bjerg and Vincent Biofrost Wang, the seven-time LCS playoff champion will be rejoining the organization's main LCS squad as their starting AD Carry

The name Doublelift came from Yiliang's interest in magic tricks. The Double Lift is the name of a basic sleight of hand card trick As of 2018, Doublelift shares the longest career record with Fnatic's toplaner sOAZ. Holds the record for most LCS titles, with seven victories So Doublelift gave Steve a short list of teams he would like to get traded to and TSM was his top priority. Steve really cared about Doublelift and so he did what Doublelift asked for. There were accusations that Doublelift was moving to TSM for his girlfriend Leena Xu, but Doublelift denied them all Superstar AD carry Doublelift is joining TSM for the upcoming 2020 LCS Summer Split, according to ESPN's Jacob Wolf. Last week, Travis Gafford reported that Team Liquid was putting the..

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Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité Doublelift is retiring at a bittersweet point in his career. The player recently returned to the 2020 World Championship, where TSM had the worst performance from a first-seed team ever recorded.

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  1. Doublelift and TSM's president Leena Xu went public about their relationship in late 2019, while Doublelift was still on Team Liquid, and have been dating openly ever since. From a corporate standpoint, any conflict of interest involved here probably existed well-before Doublelift's contract hit the market. But most would define a relationship between a player and org president as a sketchy power dynamic that you should avoid if at all possible
  2. Yiliang Doublelift Peng has joined TSM's League of Legends squad, leaving behind Team Liquid after a difficult split. Steve Arhancet, Doublelift and Xmithie after 2019 LCS victory Riot GAme
  3. TSM - Doublelift (ADC) Niveau 179 . Accueil > Doublelift (na) Vue d'ensemble Champions Records Tous les champions . Tous rôles . Saison 11 . Enregistrer . Tous les champions ; Aatrox . Ahri . Akali.
  4. du retour à l'équipe de TSM League of Legends, qui opère en Amérique du Nord. L'ADC a remporté quatre championnats d'affilée avec Team Liquid, mais a ensuite connu une première division décevante de 2020 et a même été mis au banc pour un certain nombre de matchs. Maintenant, selon des sources, le botlaner retourne à TSM. Il semble très.
  5. Doublelift rejoins former TSM teammates Søren Bjergsen Berg and Vincent Biofrost Wang, with whom he found much success, including winning several splits, before leaving for Team Liquid.
  6. Doublelift was part of TSM from 2015 to 2017 when the team replaced him with Jesper Zven Svenningsen in a controversial roster change. According to Doublelift, he wasn't aware that TSM was looking to replace him and found out about it through social media when TSM announced Zven. Doublelift has been vocal about his time with TSM and how toxic the team environment was. It seems to be his M.

The ninth-place Doublelift is crawling back to fourth-place TSM. The proudest player with the biggest mouth sheepishly comes back not as a smugly triumphant victor but as a meek dropout who'd been, wholly deservedly, benched and replaced. Meanwhile, his biggest rival as North America's star player is Bjergsen Doublelift on move to TSM: That's not a conflict of interest, that's an alignment of interest. By Radoslav Nydra Kolev; April 27, 2020; Former Team Liquid AD Carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng addressed in a YouTube vlog the circumstances surrounding his transfer to Team SoloMid. The winningest LCS player switched orgs after his contract was put up for sale, following a disastrous split. Doublelift, l'un des meilleurs porte-AD de NA League of Legends, pourrait mettre fin à son séjour à TSM s'il ne joue pas avec SwordArt of Suning, ou un autre support étranger de premier plan, a déclaré Wolf Liquid received additional interest from multiple teams within the league for Doublelift's contract rights, according to sources, but Doublelift chose TSM over other options. Doublelift was. Rumors surrounding Doublelift and TSM have been everywhere for quite some time now, but now it is official: Doublelift returns to TSM. If you're good, you'll tell everyone. If you're great, they'll tell you. With this quote, Team Liquid bids farewell to who is arguably the greatest North American League of Legends player of all time: When you're good, you'll tell everyone. When you're.

TSM will be familiar ground for him, after winning two LCS titles with the league's winningest franchise. From that 2016-2017 TSM squad, Soren Bjergsen Bjerg and Vincent Biofrost Wang are still on the roster. Doublelift departs Liquid after a very disappointing split, where the then reigning champions finished 9th with 7-11 record. Finally, Doublelift would court controversy with his return to TSM in 2020. The organisation faced allegations of foul play and conflicts of interest as TSM President Aileena Xu, Doublelift's girlfriend, seemingly helped facilitate the move from Team Liquid Concernant Doublelift, sa pause devrait durer un split, ce qu'il a indiqué. Il reviendra donc peut-être au cours de l'année et reste en attendant sous les couleurs de TSM où il s'adonne au. Doublelift ignorant que TSM n'aurait apparemment pas mêlé C9 by Jérémie Duval juillet 28, 2020, 16 h 02 min 43 Views La superstar AD de TSM porte Doublelift a apparemment été prise par surprise quand on lui a dit que ADC Zven de C9 avait déclaré dans une récente interview que TSM et FlyQuest ne se disputaient plus contre C9 TSM et Doublelift. Crée par Yunyuns le 12 mai 2020. Facebook. Twitter. 25 +1 0 -1 Accéder aux TSM les accumules ces temps ci X) ! 7. 0. Amaterasu le 13/05/2020 à 15:50 . C'est le début du chemin pour contrôler totalement Riot games. 3. 0. wasteak le 17/05/2020 à 10:05 . Pour ça faudrait déjà qu'ils gagnent quelque chose si ils veulent pas se prendre un ptdr t ki de la part de.

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TSM Doublelift: The entire Worlds experience after the first week, we probably had a 10-percent win rate in scrims The team couldn't catch a break in Shanghai Yihong Peng, the 30-year-old brother of Team Liquid AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng, was arrested on Saturday in Orange County, California, and charged with murder after he allegedly. That's why TSM and Doublelift must rise to the occasion—because there isn't any more time. There aren't any second chances. This single season will define their future. If they don't win. TSM has already cited its poor bot lane performance as the reason for wanting to acquire Doublelift. Liquid has been quite courteous to Doublelift in the aftermath of the trade, and no one on the team has insinuated that he was trying to get off the team and onto TSM. Absent any further proof, there is no evidence of a conflict of interest. TSM's official handle tweeted, There are few, if any players, like Doublelift. His journey and growth as a player and a human being over the past decade is one TSM has been honored to be a part of. Thank you for everything @TSMDoublelift. To which one fan replied saying, I am so insanely upset at this man. I really believe he has what it takes to win worlds and honestly I thought DL was.

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Doublelift de CLG à TSM. Publié par Togi le 1 nov. 2015. Accéder aux 30 commentaires. Le carry AD historique des Counter Logic Gaming s'est fait renvoyer et rejoint Team Solo Mid. L'annonce est tombée en ce samedi d'Halloween et n'a rien d'une farce. Après plus de quatre années de bons et loyaux services Doublelift quitte CLG et rejoint TSM, ce qui fait suite à l'annonce. Doublelift shared his excitement in the announcement, I intend to help TSM regain status as a top team, make worlds for the first time in 3 years, and look for the international success we were on the brink of years ago. As soon as the news was announced, Doublelift began streaming with Bjergsen on Twitch, re-naming himself to TSM Doublelift TSM Doublelift. 9,484 likes · 2 talking about this. TSM Doublelift

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  1. Reflections on TSM Doublelift career. Yiliang 'Doublelift' Peng is one of the oldest stalwarts of the game who has been competing in the Esport since the very beginning. He has been serving the game for a decade, almost as long as it has existed. Fans are used to seeing him in action in every tournament, but that is soon going to change. Looking back at his career in his retirement post.
  2. Team SoloMid are bringing back former AD carry Yiliang Doublelift Peng from Team Liquid, ESPN reported Tuesday. Reports last week said Liquid, who finished 7-11 in the spring split, were looking to sell Doublelift's contract. According to ESPN, a number of teams showed interest, but Doublelift was intimately involved in choosing his destination and picked TSM
  3. TSM has locked in its 2021 LCS roster with the promotion of Academy ADC player Lawrence Lost Hui. Lost will have big shoes to fill as he is replacing superstar ADC Yiliang Doublelift Peng after his retirement last month. Lost's time in the LCS has been a redemptive journey. The OCE player made his debut in the NA region with Echo.

Doublelift a rejoint TSM pour la première fois de sa carrière avant la saison 2016. En 3 divisions avec Doublelift comme AD Carry de départ, TSM a remporté deux des trois finales NA LCS qu'elle a atteint et s'est qualifiée pour les championnats du monde de League of Legends 2016 et 2017 Many experts believed if Doublelift actually was traded, that TSM made the most sense. This was for numerous reasons most importantly that TSM might be the only team that could take on Doublelift's sizable contract. He will be reunited with Bjergsen and Biofrost. Biofrost and Doublelift frequently duo-queue together even after both of them had left TSM. Shades of the legendary 2016 TSM squad. Doublelift was also let go from TSM in the 2017 offseason when Zven and Mithy were brought over from G2 after yet another failure for TSM to make it out of the group stage at Worlds. Doublelift was also let go from Team Liquid earlier this year after the four-time champions failed to make the playoffs. His teammates cited a clear lack of willingness to practice or participate with the team.

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  1. pour contrôler totalement Riot games. 3. 0. wasteak le 17/05/2020 à 10:05 . Pour ça faudrait déjà qu'ils gagnent quelque chose si ils veulent pas se prendre un ptdr t ki de la part de.
  2. g, and Team Liquid. (In the latest turn of events, Peng joined TSM again)
  3. TSM Drama Continues As TSM President Leena Xu Leaks Internal Information During Doublelift's Stream. May 11, 2020 Kenny Kimberly 0 comments 1631 Credit: TSM via YouTube . Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr. Over the last few months, the League of Legends professional team Team Solomid have been kept in the limelight after a few interesting events. This past Spring Split wasn't.
  4. Doublelift also spoke on several occasions in that period about its lack of motivation, leading to his eventual banquage for three matches to replace Edward Tactical Ra. This move raises two questions: the bot laner is to replace the liquid dual lift, and where the current TSM ADC will go, Kasper Kobbe, and Kobberup

Doublelift co-casts Team Solomid vs Team LiquidFind Doublelift's socials here https://www.twitch.tv/doublelifthttps://twitter.com/Doublelift1https://www.yout.. Doublelift was hoping that the Liquid line-up would stay the same since it was the same line-up that dominated LCS for two years. However, his long-time friend and teammate Jack Xmithie Puchero was dropped from the team during the off-season. With Mads Broxah Brock-Pedersen having a delayed appearance and TL shuffling around junglers in the 2020 LCS Spring Split, Doublelift voiced. LCS NA voilà le mot clé, être la révélation des LCS NA ca sert a rien au niveau interC'est malheureusement vrai pour l'instant. - page 18 - Topic TSM DOUBLELIFT Mdr du 01-11-2015 02:46:51 sur.

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Gravitating to TSM, I watched my first live final in 2015. I had done my homework and learned all the names and story lines, so seeing Doublelift - the bad guy - pentakill my team for the victory was very jarring. The juxtaposition of feeling excitement and disappointment simultaneously was so new to me. I never watched traditional sports so I was new to everything actually. I was learning. Le 01 novembre 2015 à 12:13:09 Helion_Hunter a écr - page 7 - Topic TSM DOUBLELIFT Mdr du 01-11-2015 02:46:51 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.co The TSM solo laners have looked great, and with extra firepower in the bottom lane, TSM could become a true contender for the LCS title. They haven't been able to win the split since Team Liquid began their reign, and though they're in the Cloud9 era now, a roster with Doublelift could change all that. He's won two titles with them before and is likely hungry for more Rien ne va plus chez TSM. Le recrutement de SwordArt serait en train de tomber à l'eau et la structure nord-américaine pourrait également perdre son AD Carry, Doublelift. Alors que la période des transferts bat son plein pour les équipes League of Legends, la structure nord-américaine TSM se retrouve dans une situation très délicate Team SoloMid (TSM) is a North American esports organization created around the community website Solomid.net in September 2009, by Andy ''Reginald'' Dinh and his brother Dan Dinh. TSM is one of the most popular esports organizations in the world, with teams in League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Super Smash Bros. Melee & Ultimate, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Apex Legends.

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He's been playing with TSM since November 2019 into the 2020 Spring Split, where TSM finished in fourth place. Since the clip spread, some people have stated the business call should have never happened in front of an employee (Doublelift), with whom Leena is in a relationship, and that it was an unprofessional move Well, TSM certainly didn't waste any time extending Doublelift. Team Solomid, having recently acquire Doublelift in a trade with Team Liquid, has now extended him through the end of the 2021 season. Doublelift is the winningest player in LCS history. He's racked up 7 LCS championships, 3 of which were with TSM in his last run with them L'ajout de Doublelift permettrait à TSM d'avoir une voie gagnante dans chaque voie en termes de talent et pourrait jouer à travers l'un d'eux comme condition de victoire. Cela permettrait à Dardoch d'exécuter plus de ganks sur toute la carte au lieu d'essayer de gagner uniquement en haut. De plus, le duo de Doublelift et Biofrost est l'un des plus forts de l'histoire de LCS. Doublelift's position on Team Liquid will terminate at the end of the LCS 2017 Spring Split. His intention is to come back and try out for a position on TSM in the summer split. The situation will not impact Jason 'WildTurtle' Tran's position on the team at all. If all goes well and Doublelift passes our tryout for the summer split, our plan is to field a six-man roster for the summer.

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TSM Dyrus; Doublelift; BunnyFuFuu; Trick2G; Tyler 1; LL Stylish; Yassuo; TF BLADE; Girl streamers; TFT - Teamfight Tactics; VALORANT; Articles . Latest Articles; Most Popular; News × Close Sign in. Don't have an account yet? Register today! Register. Username/Email. Password. Login Forgot your password? Login with your social account Facebook Twitter Google × Close Create your account. Team Liquid trash Doublelift and TSM . The long awaited return of the League of Legends Champions Series (LCS) has delivered a weekend full of top tier play. It also brought a humbling of Team SoloMid's star ADC Yiliang Doubellift Peng. 15.06.2020 By Patrik Chen . It was the transfer that overshadowed most of the off-season: Doublelift returns to TSM. Although the transfer itself went.

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Unfolding Doublelift TSM Trade: League of Legends' Most Controversial Transfer. Why was Doublelift put on trade despite 4 consecutive split championship wins over a span of 2.5 years? Was it because of his recent LCS performance? Did his girlfriend Leena Xu had anything to do with him being traded to TSM? Let's break down each and. Doublelift probably wouldn't allow himself to be traded to a team that wasn't a top performer or close to it, which rules out other teams below TSM. Evil Geniuses in particular appear to have. With Doublelift back in the fold, TSM once again cruised in the LCS, finishing 14-4 in the regular season before beating Immortals 3-1 in the finals. For those keeping track, this was Doublelift's third LCS title in four tries, not even counting the Rift Rivals win and keeping Team Liquid in the LCS. So, even though TSM once again disappointed with a group stage at Worlds, it was shocking to. My answer: yes. For three big reasons. 1. Existing Synergy. Let's get the obvious one out of the way first, Doublelift is re-joining TSM and reuniting with two of his former teammates from those championship years: mid laner Søren Bjergsen Bjerg and support Vincent Biofrost Wang. Not only does he have experience playing with both, but he has remained very good friends with the. Doublelift Said That TSM Had Around Ten Percent Winrate After First Week Of Worlds 2020 Scrims. Nov 08, 2020 Giorgio Delgado 0 comments 231 Credit: Photo via Riot Games. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr. This past Worlds trip was pretty tough for TSM fans. The League of Legends team failed to record a single win in their group, and they went home with one of the most disappointing.

Here is the 2019 LCS Spring Split All-Pro team | Dot EsportsCLG And Their New AD Carry Beat Doublelift And Team

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Doublelift praises TSM more than anything else here, he just puts it in a fun context. Can't wait for these two teams to play. Shits gonna be lit. 130. share. Report Save. level 2. 3 years ago. Who's getting mad exactly? 3. share. Report Save. level 1. 3 years ago. It was a really interesting informative video, but like some people have alluded to I hope that it isn't lost on people that DL. Doublelift (born July 19, 1993) is a non-partnered livestreamer on Twitch and professional League of Legends player, currently part of Team Solo Mid. He has also spent several years playing for Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid. He has had one of the longest careers of a player in the North..

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Doublelift, le carry AD le plus titré de la scène nord-américaine, serait sur le point de quitter Team Liquid faire son retour chez TSM. C'est en tout cas ce que vient d'annoncer Jacob Wolf sur ESPN Doublelift's contract with TSM has been extended until November 16, 2021 to play as AD Carry for the organization's League Of Legends team. Many fans were surprised when TSM announced Doublelift's recruitment considering he failed to make the play-offs for this year's LCS Spring Split with Team Liquid. After a rough LCS season, the team was unable to qualify for this spring's play-offs. TSM Doublelift. 9,484 likes · 2 talking about this. TSM Doublelift

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82K viewers le batard - page 19 - Topic TSM DOUBLELIFT Mdr du 01-11-2015 02:46:51 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.co Doublelift says TSM was his choice because he loved the organisation and he wanted to play with old friends again. His girlfriend, Leena Xu, who sits at the helm at TSM did not factor in at all. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. To stay up to date with the latest guides, news, and reviews, follow The Loadout on Twitter and Steam News Hub. We. Doublelift officially joins TSM. Ali Ahmed Akib. April 27, 2020. Image: Riot Games. Share. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. LCS superstar AD carry Doublelift is officially joining TSM for the upcoming 2020 LCS Summer Split. Last week, Travis Gafford reported that Team Liquid was putting Doublelift's contract up for sale. Since then, there have been many rumors going around in the League of Legends.

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